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Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Los Angeles. City of Dreams. Land of the Lotus-Eaters. Home to nearly ten million human souls. People flock from all over the world to Los Angeles, seeking their dreams of fame, glamour, power, or just the eternal sunshine or the allure of steady work. Miles of beaches feature in the travelogues of tourists - most of whom stay on the sand in fear of the polluted waters.

City of Angels: Werewolf presents one of America's largest metropolitan areas through the jaundiced lens of Garou perceptions. Millions of self-obsessed humans furiously worshiping at the altars of celebrity and taking the sacraments of opiates and apathy are enough to bring Rage to the hearts of the sweetest Child of Gaia. The city teems with people willing to sell their souls for a chance at making it big - or even just a chance to make do. Pollution pours into the air, water, and very earth of Los Angeles, and the city slowly but inexorably eats up the surrounding wilderness as throngs of single-minded humans crowd into it.

In the wake of the Devil's Night quake and the furious reconstruction the city underwent afterwards, the Wyrm and Weaver have both grown strong and fat. Parts of the city still lay in ruins, while others stand bright and new. The streets hum with the barely-suppressed rage of the many, while the few simply step over them, heedless of their wants or needs.

Combat the Wyrm Wherever it Dwells, Whenever it Breeds, says the Litany. Since the 1800's, the werewolves have risen to that challenge in Los Angeles. No matter how impossible the task may seem - and at times Los Angeles looks like the front lines of the Apocalypse - the motley Garou of Los Angeles plan to meet the challenge.

Years of political upheavals spurred by the tensions between Bone Gnawer and Glass Walker, Rabble and Sept-dweller, the corrupt and the pure, have brought the Garou to near collapse in Los Angeles. Garou life in this town has always been punctuated by outbursts of violence and strife, mirroring the same record among the humans. Some have wondered if the city itself may be working against the Garou.

On the streets are the Rabble of the Bone Gnawers. For years they have been ignored and overlooked by their "fellows," and in conflict over kin and turf with the resurgent Uktena in East Town and the Asian districts. Is it any wonder some of these lost souls may have turned to the wrong allies, seeking solace - or revenge?

These betrayals have added up to the current situation; the caern of Hidden Wonder in Griffith Park fell to an attack from the Wyrm, the Sept driven into the very streets they held themselves aloof from. Shaken from their complacency and security, they felt the Wyrm looming over them, ready to crush them. Scrambling back into action, they have managed to fight through tremendous odds and, in a feat that is truly a miracle, find rebirth for their caern in the scrubland wilderness southeast of the city. The Sept of the Hidden Wonder is dead; the Sept of the Renewed Struggle has risen from its ashes, prepared to fight to the bitter end!

Compared to Los Angeles in the Northwest, Orange County seems laid-back, conservative, perhaps even sleepy. By appearances, the home of Disneyland, fine surfing, and rich holiday homes lacks the seedy and bloody-knuckled character of Los Angeles. However, even here there is a dirty underbelly. The gaps between rich and poor are a chasm here, and the rapid growth of the cities have devoured former wilderness at an unprecedented rate. Wyrm-influenced corporations call Anaheim and Santa Ana home, spreading their tendrils into everything from grocery stores to state politics.

The sept of the Painted Sky has called Laguna Beach and its neighboring cities home for over eighty years. Made primarily of Children of Gaia and Fianna, the sept protects a strange migrating caern, aptly named the Caern of the Wandering Heart. To these Garou, the Wyrm is not the only enemy facing them; modernity itself threatens to overwhelm them and wash away their traditions. The Weaver presses at their borders both literally and figuratively, even as the packs must seek out the Wyrm's corruption in the cities.

The werewolves of Orange County are stretched thin, and their traditional ways are fraying at the edge. A recent influx of Glass Walkers has put strain on the beliefs of the other tribes, even as the urrah prove themselves invaluable assets. New cubs step into Garou life with a sense of privilege and the casual disregard of the world around them prevalent to modern youth. Even a few metis have been birthed in recent years!

Uncomfortable questions are starting to rise in the sept. Can they prevail against the threats on their horizon? Can the Wyrm and the Weaver be driven back? If doing so costs the Garou the very traditions that define them, is it even a victory?

The Hengeyokai have had a presence on the West Coast since the 16th century, when adventurous Kitsune and kinfolk joined Spanish crews from the Philippines. They set the course for further Hengeyokai immigration to the American west - haphazard, disorganized, and centered around keeping an eye on their disparate kinfolk. Over the years, only two full courts ever formed; one in San Francisco, another in Seattle.

That changed in the late 90's, when the Flame Court of Hong Kong launched the Great Leap Outward. Suddenly confronted with the threat of Keui-Jin invasion, the scattered Hengeyokai rallied, striving to undercut the assault. For six years the werecreatures waged a guerilla war against the New Promise Mandarinate.

They lost.

Today the remaining Hengeyokai of the American West Coast have largely retreated to their hidden places, content to keep their kinfolk secure from the depredations of Kung-Kung. However, some are not so ready to surrender. The Court of the Hidden Shrine is tucked away north of the cities of Arcadia and Monrovia. The children of the Emerald Mother gaze down from the hills of the San Gabriel Mountains and plot and prepare to strike back against the machinations of the Centipede and its minions.

"Christeos drilpa moz dlugar de priazi ds aai ge."

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