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General House Rules
House Rules Intro:

Standard Experience will be 2 XP Per week to represent active play and interaction with other characters. Some characters may gain more from playing out meaningful scenes, but this is entirely up to the Storytellers and is awarded as a gift, not something which should be expected for every single scene.

After 3 months of inactivity, defined as not playing at least a single scene with another player, a character will be placed on Inactive status and removed from the XP roster. Once the character has been returned to active status by contacting that games HST and playing that character, the character will be returned to the XP roster and can proceed as normal.
NOTE: These scene should be played out in the chats. If the ST's can't potentially have seen them (ie: in a private IM where no one but you matters) then the scene doesn't count. Play your characters in the chats or don't play them at all.

Character deletion is left up to the individual HSTs for each venue. In order to get your character back once deleted and removed from the system, the character will have to be resubmitted for approval and the Storyteller may ask for changes to be made and may even request the character be resubmitted from scratch.

The following experience point costs will have a standardized for ALL games:

New Ability: 3
New Background: 5 (and required rp justification)
Attributes: current x 4
Ability: current x 2
Background: current x 3 (and required rp justification)
Willpower: current x 1
Merits: rating x 2 (and justification)
Remove Flaw: rating x 2 (and justification)

Exceptions: Some Backgrounds, Merits or Flaws may be awarded to characters at the decision of the ST's. Also first levels of Lore Knowledges can be awarded for the same reason.

Character Submission:
Characters will be created using the most current books available. This means Revised or 20th for most games and 2nd Edition for games that were not re-released in Revised.

See the House Rules sections of the individual games for a complete list of character creation house rules.

General House Rules
20th Anniversary Changes to Abilities and Attributes
True Faith
Awareness & Other Sensory Talents
Medium Merits & Flaws
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