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Welcome to the "Other" game of the City of Angels site. What is the "Other" game? "Other" is for anything that doesn't fit into any of the main games above. There are four main categories to "Other".

Mummy: the Ressurection
Mummy: the Resurrection is the most unique version of the game to date, which originally began as a splinter-game from Vampire, back before Werewolf came out. Both its original and Second Edition iterations had some interesting ideas, but they were stale, and the overall theme felt like Vampire: the Masquerade with a pulse. Along came Mummy: the Resurrection, and this changed for the better. In Mummy: the Resurrection, the Undying are one of the few positive forces within the World of Darkness. The game's central themes are hope, second chances, redemption, and responsibility. While as mummies, the flaws that held them back in their mortal life are forever behind them, they are, like others, flawed beings seeking to better themselves while they pursue a goal of restoring balance to a world that's fallen into corruption and decay. The mummies aren't shambling corpses, as portrayed in movies. Thanks to the newest version of the Spell of Life, they're not only living, alive beyond measure. Upon death, they function as spirits until their bodies can be resturrected. During this time, they seek to mend the Lands of the Dead, as they do with the Lands of the Living when they are, themselves, alive and breathing. The latest version of the game was written to be able to stand as its own game, but was also created to cross over into others. For this reason, it is most appropriately treated as "Other" and "something else".

Demon: the Fallen
Demon is the odd one out for old World of Darkness games. Released shortly before the transition from old WoD to new, it never really fit with the rest of the games, and especially made no effort to place nice systems-wise. For the moment we're allowing a few to hang around, grandfathered in, but it is unlikely we will see any new submissions for some time, and as a full venue it is currently closed.

The Ocean game is not really so much as a seperate game, rather it's a seperate venue that accomidates multiple characters from several venues. Submissions for Ocean type characters go through the regular ST's. For instance, Rokea characters, still go through the Werewolf ST. Merfolk, Murdhuacha, etc., submissions still go through the Changeling ST. But there is a seperate AST to run plot specific to aquatic-themed characters.

Anything Else
We can't hope to ever classify -everything- that could possibly be played in the World of Darkness. And we don't want to limit you either. HOWEVER... yes there is a "however"... however, anything that does not fit into the main games, or one of the two main submission categories for "Other" above, will be scrutinized -very- closely. You -might- get away with playing a Bygone... IF you can prove that you're mature enough to handle it and write a character that's good enough to make all three Admin's jaws drop in amazement. We don't close the options... but we're not going to make it easy either. Keep that in mind before you send us your submission for something completely off the wall.

"Christeos drilpa moz dlugar de priazi ds aai ge."

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