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Changeling: the Dreaming

In another age, Myth and Flesh were one. Magic walked the world, and humanity believed. But as mankind awoke into its own power, belief in their dreams and nightmares warred with their growing belief in themselves. The Lands of Myth split apart from the Land of Flesh, and the Dreaming was born.

Humanity was not the only race to walk the Land of Flesh, though. Moving among them, as gods and demons, legends and family, were the Fae. When the Dreaming was born, many of the races of Fae disappeared into it. Some, however, remained, taking on mortal shells to protect them from humanity's certainty that they did not exist. These are the Changelings.

Changelings live in a world of wonders and horrors. They constantly balance the Autumn World of man with the endless possibilities of the Dreaming. Ironically, humanity, whose very denial of their existence threatens the Fae, also provides the dreams and nightmares from which they spring and thrive.

Now some say the Final Winter is approaching. Dark entities sealed away long ago are stirring, and races that have become myth even to the Kithain, the primary Fae peoples dwelling in the Autumn World, are walking again.

In California, the Fae are packed in. The Accordance War began on the west coast, and many of the returning Sidhe and their allies remained there. Add to this the fact that California is rich with Glamour born from the teeming masses of humanity and their dream factories in famous cities like San Francisco, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. The Fae population may be overwhelming even for the bounty of Glamour available, with from two to twenty times as many Kithain and other Fae as found in other parts of the world.

This overpopulation has created a fierce competition in many parts of California. The turnover rate for nobles and other leaders is unusually high, while the size of fiefdoms is far more cramped and closed in. Numerous nobles do not even own land in the conventional fae sense, forced to seek their fortunes in the human world.

There are few places richer in all of Californa than the County of Crashing Surf and its capital, Malibu. The sheer wealth of Glamour attracts pirates and bandits, Thallain and Dauntain, warlords, chimera, Nunnehi, and all manner of others seeking to claim a piece... or the whole thing. The Changelings of Malibu stand against these threats, striving toward their own goals while fending off all manner of enemies. Will they find peace and prosperity, or succumb as so many rich nations have in the past to the hordes clamoring for their affluence?

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"Christeos drilpa moz dlugar de priazi ds aai ge."

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