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(V:tM) Vampire crossover rules
Crossover basics
Inevitably, in a game like city of Angels, characters of different supernatural types will bump into one another, and conflict may arise. How does that work? What system takes precedence? Who wins? These are questions I hope to address here.

Seeing the Unseen:

When powers of hiding and detection come into conflict across game lines, a resisted roll takes place to see who comes out on top, regardless of the level of the respective powers at hand. This roll is the witness' Perception + Awareness (Primal-urge can do this for Werewolves, Kenning and Shentao for Changelings and Hsien) resisted by the Manipulation + Subterfuge of the person using the hiding power. Both rolls are at difficulty 7.
Example: Maria is a Toreador who feels something is amiss. Hurdle is a Redcap trying to go unnoticed by Maria. Maria is using Auspex, while Hurdle is using Chicanery. Maria must roll her Perception + Awareness, resisted by Hurdle's Manipulation + Subterfuge. maria scores three successes, while Hurdle, not the most subtle of Redcaps, only scores one; Maria sees through his illusion, and Hurdle realizes his cover is blown!

Both of these rolls may become extended actions; so long as one character continues searching for the other, the two continue their resisted rolls. A failure on one roll increases the next roll from that character by one, while a botch nullifies all successes accumulated so far.

Example 2: Wind-Chaser knows he saw that leech dive into this alley. Malone is a Nosferatu who knows only that a wolf is chasing him. Malone is using Obfuscate 2 to cloak himself, but Wind-Chaser, being a lupus, has the Scent of Sight Gift; Wind Chaser's player rolls Perception + Primal Urge, resisted by Malone's Manipulation + Subterfuge. Malone, the sneaky bastard, beats Wind-Chaser's roll by four, and the werewolf walks right by him. Wind-Chaser is certain he's around though - it's a dead end alley! She continues sniffing around, and her player rolls Perception and primal Urge again, resisted by Malone's Manipulation + subterfuge; Wind-Chaser failed her roll, and Malone botched his; both now have no successes accumulated. The next round, Wind-Chaser scores three successes, and Malone only scores one... the werewolf has sniffed out the poor Nosferatu.

This system also comes into play when attempting to counter powers such as the Shadow Lord Gift: Aura of Confidence or a mage's ability to use Mind to mask their emotions.

Auspex cannot be used to see into "alternate realities" in this fashion; a Changeling's chimerical mein, a Werewolf's spirit allies, and the like, will be invisible to the vampire.

Humanity and Virtues:Some Vampire mechanics rely on another person having Humanity or Virtues. Annoyingly, these traits do not exist for other games. In most cases, assume a difficulty set by Humanity or Virtues defaults to difficulty 6 (which can be adjusted by a Storyteller as need be). There are some exceptions, though, which will be noted under the header for their respective "species." Unless otherwise noted, Willpower is used in all rolls calling for Humanity or Virtues.

First In, First Out: The blood of several supernatural creatures has bizarre, even dangerous properties that can only be dealt with by spending or purging those blood points from the vampire's body. However, this can be quite an effort; Vampires spend their oldest blood first.
Example: Maria the Toreador began the night with eight blood points out of her ten maximum. In the course of the night, she met a charming young man, and after a good time flirting and carousing, she finally gets her teeth into his neck, draining two blood points of vitae from him. Unfortunately, Maria's date for the evening is a Changeling. So long as the blood points are in her system, she will suffer delusions and hallucinations. However, in order to get rid of that changeling blood, she will have to find a way to get rid of the eight blood points that were already in her body, in order to reach the two she took from the changeling.
Drinking from supernaturals is a dangerous prospect. Sip at your own risk.

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