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Wraith House Rules
House Rules

Spending Pathos to heal damage is still 1 for 1, with a maximum Pathos to Corpus rate of 1 per turn.

Healing with Slumber requires the wraith to rest within one of the character's fetters for at least 8 hours. This heals non-aggravated Corpus levels equal to (Stamina + Fetter) / 2. Round up fractions. So a wraith with Stamina 3 and is resting in a Fetter 3 would heal 3 Corpus levels.

Healing Aggravated damage requires 8 hours of Slumber and the expenditure of 3 Pathos per level

We're going back to the dice rolls. The damage that occurs in the storms isn't necessarily assured. There are numerous accounts of people caught in mundane storms who escape unharmed. Damage can be mitigated by certain powers of Castigation and Haunts.

Level/Damage per turn
1/4 dice (bashing)
2/six dice (lethal)
3/eight dice (lethal)
4/12 dice (lethal)
5/14 dice(aggravated)


Heals up to it's rating per day. Normal damage takes 10 minutes of attendence per level healed, while aggravated takes an hour.

Generates Pathos as per chart:
* - 1 / week
** - 1 / 4 days
*** - 1 / 2 days
**** - 1 / day
***** - 1 / 12 hours

Background Points spent in Haunt gives a certain amount of "Creation Points" to customize your Haunt.

Haunt Rating
* = 2 points
** = 4 points
*** = 7 pts
**** = 11 pts
***** = 16 pts

Trait/Cost per purchase
Any one Trait can only be purchased up to the (Haunt rating) times.

Size / 1 -> as per the original Haunt descriptions. Must take at least once.
Shroud / 1 -> -1 to Shroud rating in Haunt.
Arcanoi / 1 -> -1 diff to use non-Shroud based Arcanoi
Defenses / 2 -> Makes a pool to roll vs. people's WP or (or appropriate trait) to find or intrude on your Haunt due to "spooky" occurances (like the haunted 13th floor that the elevator never stops at). If they lose, they either are denied entry or get scared away.
Maelstrom Shield / 2 -> Each level bought reduces the effective intensity of a Maelstrom by one. If it isn't stong enough to keep it completely out, the level of Haunt purchased acts as a soak pool for the damage at a modified rate. (i.e. Anna has Haunt rating of four and has spent 4 of her Haunt points on defense for Defense rating of 2. She is hit by a level 3 Maelstrom. Her defense reduces the the damage she might suffer to that of a level 1 Maelstrom. The damage dice for a Level 1 Maelstrom are 4 dice and Anna has an added soak pool of four dice
Memoriam / 2 -> Haunt generates it's own Pathos due to mortal memorial services there, the Haunt being a famous location (George Washington's old home), or if the Haunt is the stuff of local legend.

Generates Pathos as as per the House Rules for Memoiriam, but with the following modifications.

To access the pathos gathered, a wraith must spend at least 5 hours a day in the haunt and gets the points at midnight. If multiple wraiths are there (maximum of 1 per level of Memoiriam) then they all gain equal benefit.

All traits have to be explained (and justified), especially in the instance of the Memoriam Trait. (No haunted phone booths that churn out Pathos.)

The Shroud
Basic Shroud Levels

8 - Laboratories, Office Buildings, Malls, Tech Centers, Factories, etc. (places that on an emotional level are not focused on humans, but on science or profit for example.)

7 - Most city streets, most homes or apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, or other "human oriented" places. Also includes parks and light wilderness areas.

6 - Antique buildings or architecture, ruins, deep wilderness, graveyards, or other areas affiliated with death, or just devoid of the human fears and disbelief that make up most of the Shroud.

The modifiers adjust the local Shroud to a max/min of 10/3, and can only change it by +/- 3.

Night (10 PM - 3AM): -1
Large quantities of spilled blood: -1
History of Violence or Death: -1 to -3
New or Full Moon(within 24 hours): -1
Presence of the Supernatural: -1
Abandoned or otherwise
"spooky" in appearance: -1
Halloween: -2
Mundane believers present: -1

Midday (10AM - 3PM): +1
New construction or area: +1
Brightly lit (if not midday): +1
Clean and well-maintatined/
sterile environment: +1/+2
Area monitered with recording
or scientific equipment: +1
Large gathering of people/
Group of deep skeptics: +1/+2

Setting Rules: Due to the shocking upheaval in the Shadow Lands, there have been recent changes to the natural (or not so natural) laws of the lands of the Dead.

The last great Maelstrom tore through the Lands of the dead with a heretofore unseen ferocity and has done significant damage to the very structure of the dead cosmos. Areas of the Tempest were pushed closer to the ShadowLands or pieces of the more stable Shadow Lands were dropped into the Tempest. Worst of all, large chunks of the Labyrinth were torn up from the Oblivion riddled depths and dropped into the Shadow Lands. These sinkholes and Storm wardens cause bizarre effects on the surrounding enviroment and peoples around them. Some examples of this are. Also, the angelic revelation that occured in the culmination of Devil's night acted as fist breaking a window. It is easier on both sides to stare through the Shroud. In areas where the lands of death and life touch or areas where the influences of the supernatural, it is easer to navigate but has become much more dangerous.

Because of the cosmic proximity adjustment, when Spectres are destroyed within the Shadowlands, they no longer fade from existence altogether. Their tattered corpses lay strewn across the ground until they are either consumed by their bretheren or used by some wily wraith as raw materials.

Sinkholes- As the Sixth Maelstrom tore through the Underworld, its force was undeniable. At its peak it tore free whole portions of land tossing them about like confetti to land as they will. When it generated in the Labyrinth, whole portions of the dark maze were torn free and shoved through the Tempest up into the Shadowlands. These areas, called Sinkholes are amalgams of the Shadowlands and the Labyrinth. Also called Hives, these places are havens for the Shadow Eaten. In the areas of blight, Spectres regain Angst at an accelerated rate. For every hour they are within the Sinkhole, they gain a point of Angst up to a max of ten. Wraiths who have the misfortune of stumbling into a Sinkhole are in for trouble. There Shadow is at a minus one to all rolls involving gaining Angst (i.e. Shadow Passion rolls) and are distracted as the Shadow's psychic yammmering becomes louder near Sinkholes. The enviroment is always more decayed, more destitute...more desperate in a sinkhole and odd things happen within them.

StormWardens- The Great Storm also tore away fragments of the Shadow Lands and the islands of safety in its violence, scattering them through the Shadow Lands, Tempest and Labyrinth. Aside from the fact that these places might house hidden lore and artifacts, they offer a safe haven from the depredations in a fashion similar to Haunts and their relative strength can be crippling to Spectres who find their way into them.
1- Small Storm Warden(room sized)- offers 1 Defense against maelstroms and Spectres are at minus one to dice pools. There maybe a few raw materials (soul crystals smaller than erasers, random scraps and simple tools, etc) and minor texts to be found here. Spectres feel uncomfortable and will do what they can to damage the place.

2-medium size Storm Warden (house sized)- Offers 2 Defense against Maelstroms and Spectres are at minus 2 to their dice pools. Slightly better trinkets may be found here (Level 1 artifacts and relics). Tomes of considerable knowledge that are pertinent to the area the Storm Warden originated from.

3-decent sized Storm warden(large buildings or areas the size of a city block) Offers 3 defense and spectres are at minus 4 to all dice pools. Artifacts of some value reside within its depths (Level 2 artifacts and relics may be found within) as well as tomes of varied general knowledge about the Underworld.

4- massive Storm Warden (Skyscraper size or area that covers a few city blocks) Offers 4 defense and spectres are at minus 4 to dice pools. Also their Psyches are rejuvinated constantly in this area, recieving a dot of Composure per day they reside within. This can lead to Redemption but Storm Wardens of this size are almost unheard of. (Artifacts and Relics of all levels can be found in these areas as well as lore that contain knowledge of esoteric things such as Arcanoi, the art of Rising and many other things. Greater Spectres within the vicinity of these bastions of hope take notice however and will throw their considerable might at them.

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