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Wraith/Risen Rules
The character creation process for the Risen is nearly identical to that utilized with Wraiths. If you are starting a new character off as a Risen then more than likely, she won't be very experienced, having spent only a year or two in the Shadow Lands.

Step One: Concept- This is one of the most important parts of character creation. If you plan on playing something like a soldier or police officer or any kind of professional, you better have done your homework and generate a damn good story. Choose appropriate natures and demeanors. As a general rule, natures like Bon Vivant and Child do not make good Natures. Risen are driven people and their nature should reflect this.

Step Two: Prioritize Attributes(7/5/3)- No Risen can have an Appearance score higher than 3.

Step Three: (13/9/5) Abilities are prioritiezed like in Wraith

Step Four: Advantages-Arcanoi-(5) Risen must have at least 1 dot in Puppetry and 2 dots allocated in any combination of Embody, Inhabit and Life Web. These Disciplines are less useful for Risen than normal Wraiths. Spend the remaining two dots as the player wishes.

Backgrounds- (5) Risen may not have Artifact and any Mentors and Status remains in the Shadowlands. Risen taking Allies, Contacts or Wealth must specify if a given background applies to one side of the Shroud or the other.

Fetters and Conduit- (10) Create 10 points worth of fetters as per Wraith. The most important of these should be the character's Conduit. Fetters can be resolved and destroyed just like a normal Wraiths. If the Conduit is not a fetter, it should at least linked to one.

Step Five: Finishing Touches-(15 freebie points)

Vampire Disciplines- Risen have access to the disciplines of Celerity, Fortitude, Obfuscate and Potence. These can be purchased with Freebie points.

Pathos and Willpower- Risen start with an initial Pathos of 5 and an intial willpower of 6.

Freebie Point cost
Abilities- 2 per dot
Arcanoi- 5 per dot
Attributes- 5 per dot
Backgrounds- 1 per dot
Disciplines- 7 per dot
Fetters- 1 per dot
Passions- 1 per dot
Pathos- 1 per 2 dots
Willpower- 2 per dot

Any merits and flaws found the Wraith Players Guide are permittable as well as several that are specific to the Risen.

Secret Death (2 pt merit)- There's no official record of your death and few if any know you died.

Innate Vampire Ability (3 pt merit)- All Risen can learn some vampire abilities, but wraiths with this Merit ahve a special knack for a particular Discipline. The cost for learning this discipline is 5 times the current rating instead of six. In order to take this Merit, the Risen must take a point in the initial level of the Discipline in question.

Vampire Friend (3 pt merit)

Eat Food (1 pt merit)

Unhealed Deathwound (2 pt flaw)- The blow that killed you did not heal upon rising from the grave. While it doesn't particularly trouble you, its unsightly and will leak bodily fluids if you engage in combat or other rough physical activity.

Autopsied (1 pt flaw)- Your body was autopsied when you died. The wounds healed when you rose but left a very distinctive Y-shaped scar covering the entire torso. Anyone with medical knowledge will be immediately suspicious.

Mortal Fame (1-4 pt flaw)- You were famous in death and your tragic death was widely mourned (or at least widely publicized). Needless to say, this makes it hard to remain inconspicuous and nearly impossible not to rouse attention.

Scent of Decay (2 pt flaw) all social interactions are at +2 diff. because you reek of the grave.

Decapitated (7 pt flaw)- Your head isn't attached to your body. Aside from obvious social problems, this makes Dex. rolls +2 higher because your eyes aren't situated in the right place.

About Angst- Walking among the living in a cold, dead shell is not easy. Any Angst gained from using an Arcanoi is doubled for Risen. Also, the diff. to all dice rolls to gain Angst are lowered by 1.

Conduit- A Conduit must be protected at all times for it is the key to keeping the Risen in his body and at any given time it contains one half of his dual soul. Once the wraith rises, his first goal is to retrieve his conduit. Until he does, he suffers a +2 diff. to dex rolls and must spend a willpower point to perform a task that doesn't involve retrieving his conduit. A Conduit, no matter what it is, has ten health levels. If all 10 health levels are gone, the conduit is destroyed. A Risen's ability to heal is based on the condition of his Conduit. A wounded revenant isn't able to heal his Corpus above the current health of his Conduit. In order to heal a Conduit a Risen must meditate and spend a willpower point, a pathos point and gain a temporary Angst. It is important to keep the Conduit safe and in close proximity. For each hour that the Risen has no physical contact with his Conduit, he loses a point of Pathos. If 24 hours pass without physical contact, the Risen's corpse begins to decompose This damage can't be healed and affects all dice pools. Should a wraith loos all Corpus in this way, he plunges straight into Oblivion without even a chance at final harrowing.

Combat- Risen are brutal in a fight. They shrug off bullets and fight through all but the most destructive attacks. Risen possess ten health levels and feel pain quite differently from others. Unless damage is aggravated, Risen do not lose dice to wound penalties. Their dead bodies handle bashing damage in much the same way vampires do and they are suffer agg damage from Fire, supernaturally generated claws, teeth attacks.

All other rules apply as they would to a normal Wraith character.

"Christeos drilpa moz dlugar de priazi ds aai ge."

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