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Mortal House Rules
Mortal House Rules

We will basically be adhering to the Vampire the Masquerade core book in terms of system and rules. If I'm not around during play, please consult another ST if possible. Otherwise, go by the book and I will update this list if necessary.

- All Mortal characters MUST be at least 18 years of age.

Characters aged 25 and over are allocated an extra 5 freebie points.
Characters aged 30 and over are allocated an extra 10 freebie points.
Players must keep in mind that these extra freebies are to reflect the experience and maturity that comes with age. Your character must reflect their appropriate age or you will have your character sheet re-evaluated.

Stats and Willpower:
Two in any given stat on a character sheet is considered ‘average’ and as a mortal most of your dots are going to reflect this. Those characters with dots that range higher than two are increasingly extraordinary at what they do and therefore are a bigger part of a characters life, goals and history. Character sheets should reflect this. This is especially significant in regards to willpower. Usually there are good reasons why a character is such strong willed, usually through tough events, upbringing or righteous moral values.

Humanity is, of course, a mortal trait. It defines the moral compass of humanity and society and players should keep their rating in mind when creating and playing their characters. Think about what you would find acceptable behaviour, comfortable doing (or seeing) and have your characters react in a similar fashion in accordance to their humanity rating. Other systems and supernaturals in the WoD have different culture exceptions to which they adhere to but mortals are defined by their humanity. You can and will lose your rating if your character plays outside of their humanity rating.

Flaws, Merits & Supernatural Knowledge:
I am not allowing any mortal characters with supernatural merits, flaws or knowledges. There are plenty of other games that allow for one to play a human character with these special traits, such as kinfolk, kinain, consorts and ghouls. Do you want to play a medium? Well, there are plenty of games in which you can do so. A numina? See previous answer. The mortal game is meant to be for mortal characters with no knowledge of the supernatural and no special powers related to the supernatural. Those characters have roles in all the other games, and even have their own game designed especially for them, i.e. Hunter.

Not only am I not allowing supernatural knowledge prior to play, but I will be heavily regulating it in game. If one of the mortal PCs has a chat with a vampire, who tells them all sorts of neat-o stuff about how vampires work and whatnot, I will speak with the Vampire ST, and we will deal with it. This will likely include the mortal in question being mind-wiped by a powerful vampire who knows how dangerous it is for mortals to walk around with that sort of knowledge.

Now, this obviously changes for PC characters that are in line to be ghouled, or likewise made a part of a different game. I'm fine with this stuff happening organically in play, but when the subject becomes serious, you need to talk to both myself and the ST of the game in question. IF, however, you -make- a mortal with the express purpose of getting it ghouled, or having it Awaken, ect. then you need to inform me -before- I approve your sheet. Why? Because that character isn't a mortal, it's a pending whatever-the-hell, and thus it needs to be approved by the ST of whatever game you want it to eventually become a part of.

Let me stress this. If you make a character with the plan to have it become ghouled, or discover it's a kinfolk, go through the Chrysalis, or -any- other thing that will turn it into something more than your average mortal, tell me first. Don't keep it a secret and think you're being clever, because I'm not stupid and I'll figure it out. And if I figure it out, your character will be removed from the mortal game and you will be forced to go to the -proper- ST, explain what happened, and then get -them- to approve your character. I'm not playing here, people.

For those that are interested, a characters background NPC’s can be played by the ST for the benefit of a realistic and more complete role-playing experience. Your characters backgrounds do not have to be names and titles on a character sheet but can come to life in game with in-character interaction. Players that would like to take advantage of this are asked to put specific details for each of their allies or contacts, or are welcomed to let the ST take liberties to flesh them out.

I'm not requiring journal posts for anything -other- than XP requests. If you want to raise, or add, anything on your character's sheet, then I -require- justification. And I don't just mean a blurb on the XP request.

Copy a scene relevant to the XP request into your journal and point me to the post in your request. Or write up a couple of paragraphs of your character doing something that relates to the request. If you want to raise your character's Firearms, for instance, write up a journal entry with a little flash fiction about your character going to a shooting range. If you need some help figuring out what would make sense for the request you're making, look to the books, or talk to me. I'm always happy to help people get a better understanding of their character's methods and motivations.

There are no restrictions on crossover with mortals. If you want to play heavy crossover scenes, by all means do so. Just remember that there may be consequences for some actions and that mortals are largely insignificant to other creatures of the WoD and are particularly fragile compared. If your character becomes ghouled, embraced, awakens or anything that no longer classifies them as mortals, your character will no longer be in the system and you will be transferred to the respective game.

"Christeos drilpa moz dlugar de priazi ds aai ge."

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