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"...all enjoyment is dependent upon the frailty of human life and human desires ... if we were to have all we want and to live forever, all enjoyment would be gone." - Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards

Welcome to the CoA Mortal game.

Contrary to the belief, playing a mortal in the WoD is not boring. It can be a fulfilling journey and role-playing experience if you have the right mindset. Mortals can lead extraordinary lives and are capable of many great things given the opportunity. They defy the odds. They inspire. They live and die. They are also ignorant, self absorbed, and victims of the supernatural war that rage in the shadows around them. Imagine if you came across the bizarre. How would it change your life? There are plenty of unusual possibilities playing in a mortals game. You can become a rock-star, a conspiracy theorist, a wealthy playboy (or girl), a criminal - anything that you dream to be. You could also be the average Jane/Joe that has the unfortunate opportunity to cross paths with one of numerous supernatural denizens of the World. Your life could be turned upside down in an instant.

Sound fun? It is.

You may be tempted to begin the game with some knowledge of what’s already out there but it’s strongly suggest that you don’t. Why not take the opportunity to play that out? Enjoy the journey of where your ordinary human is suddenly thrust into extraordinary circumstances. This is what the focus of the mortals game is about – discovery and personal journey. Supernatural characters have their goals, governed by strict rules and regulations, some of which are determined by birth, but mortals have been given free will – the chance to do anything they possibly can.

One thing to keep in mind when making and playing your character is that this is the World of Darkness. While it’s a reflection of our reality, this setting is darker, seedier and much uglier. Step out into the streets of Sin City, Gotham City, and Blade Runner. It’s a world of despair and greed. It’s depressing, violent, and ran by the corrupt and wealthy. It is not a happy place. Things are tough on the spirit. Player-characters can be an exception to that, the rare gems, or you can draw on the setting and let that flavour your game play. But please note that the mortals game will be heavily influenced and inspired by the World of Darkness atmosphere and NPCs and themes will reflect that.

If you find yourself interested in the mortals game please have a look at the available resources on site and also check our forums for any further information or updates. If there are any questions or if you are interested in talking about a concept you have in mind, please contact the mortals storyteller.

For general information regarding character creation, please visit the House Rules and Character Creation pages.

"Christeos drilpa moz dlugar de priazi ds aai ge."

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