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Here is the map of the Greater Los Angeles area for the City of Angels game. The locations and areas listed each represent a room in the chat room. For information about who controls which room, please see the Locations Page or the individual room descriptions within the chat rooms. Some liberties were taken with the sizes of some locations, and these rooms encompass the extra areas.

Important Locations in Los Angeles

Listings for Map Locations Above:

Kyonshi's Krypt - Echo Park (Downtown) - Camarilla Nightclub
The California Club - Westlake (Downtown) - Camarilla Elysium
The Orpheum - Pico-Union (Downtown) - Camarilla Elysium
Last Round Bar - Torrance - Anarch Bar and former home of deceased warlord Baron David Geduld
Baron Rose's Home - Encino - Home of Rose, Queen of the Valley, Ventrue Baron of San Fernando.
Baron Elena Gutierrez's Home - Malibu - Home of Baron Elena Gutierrez, Caitiff Mistress of Malibu.
Baron Steve Booth's Home - Rancho Palos Verdes - Home of Steve Booth, the Beach Bum Brujah Baron of Long Beach.
Pacific Park - Santa Monica - Home of Ravnos Baron Irena, Baron of Santa Monica. Considered Elysium by Anarchs.
Uncle Vico's - Vence - Home of Giovanni head and Mexican mob boss Victor "Vico" Giovante
Little Ethiopia - Mid-City West - Where Ghinwa Sahoori, an Assamite scholar, has her office.
Tremere Chantry (big map) - Industry City - La Casa Nueva (the Temple Mansion), home of the Tremere in Los Angeles and Regent Joseph Ravenfeather.

Werewolf and Fera
Penina's House - Venice - infamous Rokea Betweener and matron
al-Masri's Cafe - North Hollywood - Bastet cafe
Lady Aerie's - Century City - offices of well-known Corax member of Hermetic Order of Swift Light faction
Bird Sanctuary - Griffith Park - former site of caern of Sept of the Hidden Wonder
Griffith Park Observatory - Griffith Park - site of mysterious Glass Walker fetish
Old Abandoned Zoo - Griffith Park - abandoned ruins frequented by homeless and others with paths to... strange places
Los Angeles Zoo - Griffith Park - many animals of interest to shifters here
Travel Town Museum - Griffith Park - most reliable place to contact members of Bone Gnawer pack Shakespeare in the Park
The Catspaw - Pasadena - Bastet-run occult shop
Nickerson Gardens - Watts - Home of the Imperial Court of the Nickerson Gardens Tribe, home base of the Rat Race Plague
Sunny Banks Reptile Farm and Rescue Facility - Altadena - Reptile farm secretly run by Mokole kin
Murphy's Chase - Santa Monica - Kin-run Garou pub and hangout
Sam Spayed's - South Central - Offices of Samuel Spayed, Bone Gnawer private investigator
GW Caern - Santa Monica - Glass Walker caern, mostly used by City Farmers and Urban Primitives
GW Caern - Mid-Wilshire - Glass Walker caern, mostly used by Corporate Wolves and Random Interrupts
The Lot - Crenshaw - Bone Gnawer caern mostly used by city Rabble
The Lot - Van Nuys - Bone Gnawer caern mostly used by city Rabble
MBB Pack - East LA - Pack home for the Uktena Mother's Blessed Blood pack
AdiM Pack - El Sereno - Pack home for the Uktena Abrazo de la Muerte pack
Malibu Hindu Temple - Santa Monica Mountains southwest of Calabasas - One of the largest Hindu temples in the Western hemisphere, owned and operated by the Hindu Temple Society of Southern California and built in the traditional South Indian style. A number of the monks are kinfolk to the Bagheera and Makara stream of Mokole, and it is rumored that a few actual fera hide among them. On good terms with both local Mokole and Hengeyokai.
Cove of the Sea's Bounty (big map) - San Clemente Island - Mokole Wallow
Engelmann Oak Grove (big map) - Hacienda Heights - Caern of the Sept of the Renewed Struggle, heart of Victor Park
California State Prsion (big map) - Lancaster - infiltrated by the Rat Race Plague
Sept of the Painted Sky (big map) - Orange County, south of map - Child of Gaia and Fianna Sept in Laguna Beach

Tehrangeles (Persian Square) - Westwood - home of largest Fairy Market in region and seat of Count Cambyses, Eshu lord of the County of High Hills
San Fernando Freehold - San Fernando - Home of defiant Barony of Bravery's Wellspring and Guatemalan-born Redcap Doña Arantxa Sangrieta, or Bloody Ara
Caer Angeles - Westwood - Famous apartment freehold that picks its own fae tenants, maintained as High King David's home when visiting Pacifica
Count Harrel's Freehold - Elysian Park - Seat of Sidhe Count Harrel ap Dougal, lord of the wealthy County of Shining Towers, also a notably progressive district
Countess Lea's Freehold - Culver City - Seat of Boggan Countess Lea ap Liam, lord of the troubled County of Thundering Sky
Countess Percepción Freehold - Sylmar - Seat of Salvadoran-born Sluagh Countess Percepción Escabullirse's, lord of the lush County of Silver Seas
Countess Nansaidh's Freehold - Simi Valley - Seat of Sidhe Counntess Nansaidh ap Gwydion, lord of the small but secure County of Doves
Countess Elzbieta's Freehold - Chatsworth - Seat of Sidhe Countess Elizbieta ap Dougal, lord of the wild County of Long Shadows
Count DeMille's Freehold - Hollywood - Seat of Nocker Count DeMille ap Eiluned, lord of the vibrant County of Lights
Count Lozamas' Freehold - Altadena - Seat of Sidhe Count Lozamas ap Fiona, nominal lord of La Tierra de la Gente (the County of Euphoria)
Boddy House - La Cañada Flintridge - Seat of Troll Count Luc Suikale, lord of the disgraced County of Crescent Sun
Land's End Freehold - Santa Monica - Seat of the Peacock Pooka Count Thierry Alain Chevalier, lord of the peaceful little County of Land's End
Caer Bonebreaker - Topanga - Commoner freehold owned by a motley lead by self-proclaimed Redcap Witch-King Colin Bonebreaker, also notable as a major Airship Port into the Dreaming and home of the first Dreaming Positional System.
Malibu Beach - Malibu - Seat of Count Valdemarus of House Varich, lord of the County of Crashing Surf. Main Changeling venue setting, renowned both for its troubled times and its vast Glamour riches, boasting numerous freeholds clustered around a surprisingly small area.
Countess Vittoria's Freehold - Huntington Park - Seat of Sidhe Countess Vittoria ap Eiluned, absentee lord of the dwindling County of Silent Bells
Righ Broketooth's Hold - Watts - Seat of Redcap Righ Broketooth, warlord of the Empire of Forever Blood, who has conquered much of the County of Silent Bells as well as many surrounding lands
Count Dwll Yreall San's Fortress - Long Beach - Seat of Count Dwll Yreall San ap Gwydion, stern lord of the County of the Trade Seas
Count Julian's Freehold (big map) - Lebec - Seat of aging Sidhe Count Julian ap Fiona and his young consort, Raccoon Pooka Sir John Ringer. Count Julian is ruler of the sparse County of the Mountain Guardian.
Duke Vogon's Freehold (big map) - Quartz Hill - Seat of Ailil Duke Vogon in his Ducal County of Painted Dale, lord of the Duchy of Angels
Count Bill Aims' Freehold (Edwards Air Force Base) (big map) - Edwards Air Force Base - Seat of Lt. Colonel and Nocker Count Bill Aims, lord of a surprisingly eclectic collection of military-minded Kithain in the County of Blue Thunder.
Countess Nayia's Freehold (big map) - Santa Clarita - Seat of Sidhe Countess Nayia ap Eiluned, long time rival of Duke Vogon, lord of the prosperous County of Golden Canyons
Mountain High Freehold (big map) - Mountain High Ski Resort, Wrightwood - Seat of Troll Baron Reidar Vik, lord of the legendary skiing destination and Glamour-rich Barony of Mountain High
Falling Springs (big map) - Falling Springs - Mysterious ghost town in the heart of the San Gabriel Mountains, haunted by strange and dangerous creatures which chase off those who draw too near
High Royal Principality of the Bald Mountain (big map) - Mount San Antonio ski resort, San Gabriel Mountains - 'Seat' of self-styled Court of the Bald Mountain, a motley of four Pooka and a Piskey
Countess Regine's Freehold (big map) - Arcadia, CA - Seat of Sidhe Countess Regine ap Gwydion, self-absorbed lord of the County of Mirages
Count Philander's Freehold (big map) - Port Hueneme, west off of map - Seat of Sidhe Count Philander Savas ap Fiona, sea-loving lord of the formerly cursed County of Strawberries
Malibu Mar Vista (big map) - Santa Monica Mountains - ghost town and black market hole-in-the-wall.
Avalon and Two Harbors (big map) - Port towns on the resort island of Santa Catalina and dens of piracy
Countess Iseabail's Freehold (big map) - Walnut - Seat of Satyr Countess Iseabail of House Eiluned, lord of the notable County of the Heart Vale
Count Torcuil's Freehold (big map) - Chino - Seat of hedonistic Sidhe Count Torcuil ap Fiona, absentee lord of County Cucamonga.
Count Francisc's Freehold (big map) - Coronoa - Seat of lead guitarist of the Eastern European/Gypsy Punk band Zdrangani and Satyr Count Francisc Csipler, lord of the County of the Ringing Cronw. Known for his annual Battle of the Bands, a unique springtime event that takes the word "battle" literally.
The Lost County (big map) - Santa Fe Springs and surrounding cities - Banality-cursed, Glamours-sapped home of a powerful Dauntain, so accused that nobody can find memory or record of the name of the county the former Count Dorel of House Fiona ruled over. Count Dorel's own fate is unknown save that he and his knights sacrificed themselves so that their vassals could escape the Dauntain.
Countess Barbara Velsinger's Freehold (big map) - Anaheim Hills - Seat of Sidhe Countess Barbara Velsinger of House Dougal, lord of the Glamour-soaked County of the Traumhein ("dreamhome").
Count Jaime Valganon's Freehold (big map) - Seal Beach - Seat of Selkie Count Jaime Valganon, lord of the long coatal County of the Long Ride.
Count Annette Troelsen's Freehold (big map) - Newport Beach - Seat of Danish-born Grump Countess, General, and hero Annette Troelsen of House Dougal, lord of the County of the Pale River.
County of the Thorn Maze (big map) - south of map at southern tip of Orange County - Realm of fiery Japanese-Mexican Rhinocesrous Auklet Pooka Taeko Grijalbo, lord of the County of the Thorn Maze.

The Nameless Temple - Chinatown - Akashic Brotherhood Chantry
Covenant of the True Way - Lincoln Heights - Minor Hermetic Chantry
St. Alexandria's - Crenshaw - Minor Chorister Chantry
Kaufman Center for Higher Learning - Santa Monica - Aeonic Order tabernacle (Sorcerers)
Masjid Omar ibn Al-Khattab - South Central - Cult of Isis location (Sorcerers)
McNeil Observatory - Malibu / Santa Monica Mountains - Star Council location (Sorcerers)
Huntington Library - Pasadena - Main PC Chantry
The Pendleton Foundation - Long Beach - Virtual Adept / Society of Ether Chantry
Il Noir - South Central - Euthanatos Chantry
Orban Home - Santa Monica - Minor Node and Cabal location
Kale & Galvo - Mid-Wilshire - Jason Orban's restaurant

Evergreen Cemetery - Boyle Heights - Famous cemetery and frequent meeting place for the city's wraiths. Particularly noted for its diversity and mixture of the famous, the infamous, and the forgotten.
Windsor Estates - Pasadena - Mysterious manse known for its disappearances on both sides of the shroud
Uncle Vico's - Venice - Home of Giovanni head and Mexican mob boss Victor "Vico" Giovante, notable as a place to AVOID for wraiths
Hop Louie - Chinatown - Long before it was taken over by the gangster Thrashing Dragon Fun Toy, Hop Louie was a popular hangout for the dead in Chinatown. It remains so today, with a delicate truce struck with its new Kuei-jin owners that has made the site actually even more secure for Wraiths.
Pueblo - Chinatown - The oldest section of downtown is the dominant citadel of the region. Founded in 1718, the Pueblo is the second settlement to be established by the Spanish monarchy. Referred to alternatively as the La Reina del Cielo the Citadel is firmly in the hands of the Hierarchy. Gene T. Hash is the acting Anacreon of the Grim although many believe he is a toady of Elizabeth Short and as such, is generally asked to give reports on the condition of security around the citadel and how the Grim's patrols are going before being summarily ignored. The rest of the council consists of the Anacreons of the Gaunt, Silent and Mad. Interestingly, a number of very old Chinese wraiths associate with this citadel. Many are victims of the Chinese massacre of 1871 in the nearby Calle de los Negros, where many still have their fetters, while others are refugees from the original Chinatown the massacre occurred in, which was demolished by the Technocracy in the 1940s and turned into Union Station.
Cavalry Cemetery and Home of Peace Memorial Park - East LA - Two of the oldest cemeteries in Los Angeles, both replacements for even older cemeteries which had their interned moved to them. Cavalry is a Catholic cemetery, Home of Peace is Jewish.
Rift City - A massive Hoover-esque shanty-town in the Shadowlands, stretching from The Palms all the way to East LA. It is located inside an immense graben, or long sunken valley created by a fault line; the valley has no real world counterpart. It separates the Downtown Necropolis zone from the mad chaos of the South Central Shadowlands.
Watts Necropolis - A small shining, defiant, and mysterious walled necropolis which has xenophobically repelled any outsiders.

Arcadia Inari Shrine (big map) - north of Arcadia in Angeles National Forest - Caern of the Hengeyokai Court of the Hidden Shrine
Arcadia - Though primarily Changeling territory, the Hengeyokai presence to the north is often felt, and members of the Court often come down into Arcadia and Monrovia. The heavy presence of Hsien in Arcadia also draws the Hengeyokai down.
Malibu Hindu Temple - Santa Monica Mountains southwest of Calabasas - One of the largest Hindu temples in the Western hemisphere, owned and operated by the Hindu Temple Society of Southern California and built in the traditional South Indian style. A number of the monks are kinfolk to the Bagheera and Makara stream of Mokole, and it is rumored that a few actual fera hide among them. On good terms with both local Mokole and Hengeyokai.
Golden Dragon Restaurant - Chinatown - The Golden Dragon Restaurant stands out precisely in how it does NOT stand out. In most ways it is a pretty normal Chinese-American restaurant in a part of town full of them, with all of the garish, tacky decorations one would expect. The building is larger than many restaurants; three stories tall, the second floor boasts a large dining room typically reserved for parties and special events, while the owners live on the third floor. What makes this restaurant special is its owners, a family of Zhong Lung kin. One of the venerated Zhong Lung themselves once owned the restaurant, but was sadly slain during an attack on the establishment by the bakemono servants of a Kumo. The family has endured, though, and remain open and friendly to the local court. The Golden Dragon Restaurant is only one of many in the area with a supernatural reputation; just to the west is Hop Louie, a major Kuei-jin and Kindred hangout owned by the flamboyant Thrashing Dragon Fun Toy, and to the south is the Plum Tree Inn, a long-standing restaurant that moved from its original location into the building once boasting the Golden Palace Restaurant. The site is said to be both haunted and cursed, home to a string of failed businesses until the Plum Tree Inn moved in in 2006, as well as many rumored deaths.

Eternal Hibiscus - Koreatown - Feng Shui-organized Hotel and seat of the Xian Mo fu-hsi Purple Mandarin Jihyeui Song-Gosni (Wisdom of the Fang), ruler of the Province of Cheonsa.
Little Tokyo - Central City - Seat of the remaining Li Shen presence in Los Angeles.
Monterey Park, Montebello - Hsien enclaves, largely Xian Mun and Wu Hsien, strong Yü court in Montebello
Arcadia - Sizable Hsien community, no ruling faction but main Xian Mun and Wu Hsien
Chino Hills - Tu Shen Stronghold

Shrine (Karaoke Bar) - Koreatown - Kuei-jin Running Monkey / Anarch hangout run by Green Court wu the Green Tigers under Crane Roh Ju-yung, the Jade Blacksmith
Chinese American Museum - Chinatown - Home of the Violet Path Posse lead by Bone Shadow Han Hui, devoted to restoring and reforming the Quincunx. Home of the Quincunx's one remaining major dragon nest in the city.
Hop Louie - Chinatown - Famous pagoda-shaped Chinese restaurant and frequent hangout of the wily and garish Thrashing Dragon Fun Toy and his Flatbush and Stockton Posse. Hop Louie is only one of many in the area with a supernatural reputation; just to the east is the Golden Dragon Restaurant, a respected venue run by kin to the Zhong Lung, and to the south is the Plum Tree Inn, a long-standing restaurant that moved from its original location into the building once boasting the Golden Palace Restaurant. The site is said to be both haunted and cursed, home to a string of failed businesses until the Plum Tree Inn moved in in 2006, as well as many rumored deaths.
Little Tokyo - Central City - Seat of the the small but well-organized Uji contingent in the city, lead by Centipede Seiji Shimazaki and the Respected Hand of the Endless Sea.
Manami Tsuchiya's Clinic - Torrance - Home of the Ivory Surgeon, the Gaki Bone Shadow Manami Tsuchiya, in long defiance of the local Anarchs.
Mony Seng's Place - Cambodiatown, Long Beach - Home of Cambodian Golden Court Devil-Tiger Mony Seng. She runsa combination coyote and fighting ring, bringing people into the country for a rice and offering those with promise a chance to fight in her rings. In rivalry with former lover Gustavo Andrada.
Wattana Latvongxay's Apiary - Sylmar - Home of the respected and venerable Golden Court Laotian Danh Tú Wattana Latvongxay, who offers guidance, wisdom, and the very finest honey.
Citadel of the Grand Octopus (big map) - Little Saigon, Garden Grove - Home of the Golden Goddess Shining Eye, a powerful Golden Court Vietnamese Thrashing Dragon Penangallan with eight dhampyr children and old connections to Prince Amethyst from her days as Baron of Anaheim. A sanctuary for members of the Tempest of Inward Focus Dharma.
Taste of Manila (big map) - Little Manila, West Covina - Home of Filipino-American Godlen Court Devil-Tiger Gustavo Andrada, this restaurant is a front for his real business providing drugs, prostitutes, and other clandestine luxuries to the rich ahd famous. In rivalry with former lover Mony Seng.
Deep Springs Court (big map) - Little India, Artesia - Home to Phoenix Amitabh Hangal and Crane Jaya Bhaduri, noted scholars and philosophers and role models for Kuei-jin hailing from Indian, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

City of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Area

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Also, for ease of travel between the different areas, here's a link to a site featuring the subway lines in the Downtown area and surrounding suburbs. Note these don't extend everywhere.
Subway Map

Map of Downtown
Downtown is divided into districts, the districts and some important buildings therein are detailed below. You'll also find the edge of Chinatown and the location of Little Tokyo here.

Little Tokyo
A number of major downtown locations are in Little Tokyo, including the Los Angeles City Hall. Little Tokyo is part of the greater downtown area, in a strip south of Chinatown

Orange County

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