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Breaking News! Pursuit in Bridgeport and Naples!
Posted by Galileos Lens on Saturday 13 January 2018 - 18:24:43
January 6th 2018

"We have breaking news with a dangerous criminal out on the loose." A Picture of Miriam Cohen comes up on the screen. "Wanted for vandalism, discharging a firearm at an officer, theft of a Catamaran and property damage to name a few, this individual was found at the Traffic lights on the corner of 1st Street and the Pacific Coast Highway by police officers before fleeing into the nearby Marina where she fired upon officers and stole a boat. This boat crashed into a smaller set of docks across the river causing extensive damage to the Boat and minor damage to the dock and other vessels docked there."

The screen changes to that of Dash-Cam Footage of Miriam being seen crouched by a control box for the lights. It then changes to Vest-Cam footage of the officers chasing her through the Marina where she pulled a gun and fired at the mooring rope. It cuts abruptly after though and goes back to the reporter. "Police warn this individual is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. If they are spotted, do not approach and contact the Police immediately."

"In other news, Cucumbers, the new IN super-fruit that can change your life!"
[Submitted by Krajin]

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