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Welcome to the home of the City of Angels rpg chat site based in Los Angeles, California. Game based on the old World of Darkness brought to us by White Wolf Publishing. If this is your first time here, please read the Setting, House Rules and Code of Conduct for the general setting before continuing, as well as the information for the individual game venues as found under those sections. If this isn't your first time, please login and enjoy the fun.
The Return of Fear
Posted by Galileos Lens on Saturday 07 May 2016 - 17:08:25
Word spreads quickly that on Beltaine the infamous Iron Archer somehow escaped his cell in the depths of Caer Vaquero. None have seen him since, and it is uncertain if he actually is fully free or somewhere deeper in the Dreaming.

The Iron Archer is a name to strike fear into the hearts of any fae. A towering figure in iron armor, he struck down many with his immense bow and the iron rods he launched with it, ending not just their lives but their souls.

He was a bogeyman even before the terrible Malibu Magic Massacre. On Saturday, April 25th, in 2009, the Malibu Magic Convention, an exhibition of Sci-Fi and Fantasy paraphernalia that attracted a large number of Changelings, came under attack as the Archer distributed dozens of costume replicas of his armor to convention goers which appear to have been magically enchanted to drive the wearers mad at a given moment, releasing a pair of cold iron blades from the gauntlets of the armor. The magic involved appears to be of human origins, as fae magic surely would not function properly. Sixty-five people, a mixture of human and fae, were injured, some gravely, and nineteen died. Among the nineteen dead were eleven fae, gone for good. The remaining dead were seven enchanted humans killed by Changelings, and two humans who had come to the aid of the attacked and died in the process.

The event as long stood as an act of terrorism, with the mortal population believing that those in the suits were dosed with a hallucinogenic gas, and that leakage of that gas from the suits caused some of the wilder accounts told by others.

The Archer's capture not long after revealed him to be Troll Kinain, a madman convinced that the fae were demons and that he, as tainted bv them, must eradicate them all. He has been held prisoner ever since, and his sudden disappearance has all on high alert.

With this news coming in the midst of the controversy surrounding the treatment of Kinain, some point to his very existence as a reason why Kinain should be kept down under tight control, while others state that he is a fine example of what happens when Changelings neglect and ignore their kin.

Coming Soon: Vampire and Mage, The Quickening!
Posted by Tony on Friday 29 January 2016 - 19:03:08
So, more information in the forum post here: CLICK THE LINK, but I'm finally mentally capable of doing things again and being productive. So, tentatively tossing out there:

Saturday, February 6th: SOMETHING

I'll keep people posted if plans change.

EDIT: As explained on the new post on the link above, plans I thought were happening on Saturday during the day are actually happening Friday evening, so I've changed it just Saturday. I haven't decided on Vampire or Mage yet, but something will happen Saturday!

Thrice Cursed
Posted by Galileos Lens on Saturday 12 September 2015 - 23:32:42
Garou in the Los Angeles area suddenly discover that humans are reacting as if their rage is twice what it normally is. Kinfolk are even finding that humans are reacting to them as if they had rage equal to 8 minus their Willpower (minimum 2).

UPDATE: As of last night (Friday October 2nd 2015) the curse has been lifted.

One Dead In Mysterious Rampage
Posted by Galileos Lens on Monday 17 August 2015 - 10:39:36
One man is dead in what police suspect may have been the opening salvo of a gang war. Police arriving on the scene could find little save the body one male victim law enforcement is refusing to release the identities. However, videos surfacing of the incident show much of the story.

The videos start with a confrontation outside of a food truck between a young African-American woman and a well-dressed man some videos depict speaking Russian. The woman grabs his eye, and in some videos another man starts to come over from a nearby black SUV before the woman appears to produce something and hold it against the man. The two men exchange several swift words in what our experts are saying is Russian, and the man steps aside before the woman goes into the food truck. Two more men, one believed to be African-American, the other caucasian, approach and engage in words with the Russians, who both reach for what soon can be seen as weapons. Eventually, they pull pistols and aim at the African-American man as he threatens them angrily with a knife in hand. He starts to turn away and they open fire, though some videos seem to show the African-American man starting to turn back to them swiftly; details are strangely fuzzy here. One bullet clearly hits the man with the knife, who none-the-less flings it into the throat of the second Russian man, who some are calling 'the driver'. The Caucasian man leaps into the other Russian before headbutting him THROUGH the back windshield of the SUV, while the knife-throwing man leaps onto the downed driver, twists the knife, and then begins stomping on his head and shouting at him. Meanwhile, a few videos capture the back door of the food truck being flung open as the shooting starts and the woman who went in reappearing, then spinning and flinging a knife. Moments later, two more Russian males flee past her, one with a knife through his right wrist, the other helping him along. The injured man is moved into the back seat of the SUV, and the man who was headbutted crawls in the other side, clearly dazed, before the only uninjured man drives off swiftly. The woman and Caucasian man both react to sirens, heard in better quality videos, and run off together. The food truck hastily leaves, and finally the knife-throwing man looks around and staggers off despite sporting a definite grievous wound.

Authorities have not released any names, and the videos of all three are grainy and shaky. There has been a request for witnesses to come forward, and the police are seeking both sides of the incident, as well as the food truck, for questioning.

Hsien Court Part 2
Posted by Galileos Lens on Sunday 26 July 2015 - 18:39:01
Since Sundays look like they work the best for the most people, we'll be doing a Hsien court next Sunday at around 7 Central time. Changelings may also be able to come; if in dobut, ask.

Hsien Court
Posted by Galileos Lens on Friday 17 July 2015 - 17:31:57
It's been a LONG time since much has been done here, but we've been getting more Hsien PCs of late, so I'd like to arrange a Court for them to get to know each other, and maybe even invite in a few Changelings to get some intermingling going, since the Changeling game is much larger and this will open more avenues of play for them. What night works best for people? Answer here:

Hsien Court

Troubled Dreams
Posted by Galileos Lens on Monday 22 June 2015 - 12:35:52
A dream comes to any Garou belonging to the Sept of the Renewed Struggle. It is a troubling dream that replays over and over. A massive boar trundles out to challenge a powerful stag and a great, gray-furred wolf. The battle is fierce and bloody, and the combatants wear each other down, but always the boar must in the end retreat, unable to match itself against the combined might of its two rivals.

The scene changes subtly every time. Sometimes it is played out on mountain sides, in forest clearings, in deep jungle. The precise form of each powerful beast changes a little in each vision as well. The boar and stag change the most, to cover several species, while the wolf changes the least from dream to dream. As the moon begins to wax full, these dreams will become more prevalent, more common, haunting the Garou of the Sept.

Those who sleep in the bawn or caern have the most potent dreams, and sometimes wake up covered in the wounds of battle, wounds which soon melt away, leaving only the memory of their existence and a dull ache.

Members of the Fianna and Get of Fenris, or those who have followed Boar in the past, can gain these sympathetic wounds no matter where they rest, though they are worse if it is near the caern.

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