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Welcome to the home of the City of Angels rpg chat site based in Los Angeles, California. Game based on the old World of Darkness brought to us by White Wolf Publishing. If this is your first time here, please read the Setting, House Rules and Code of Conduct for the general setting before continuing, as well as the information for the individual game venues as found under those sections. If this isn't your first time, please login and enjoy the fun.
Troubled Dreams
Posted by Galileos Lens on Monday 22 June 2015 - 12:35:52
A dream comes to any Garou belonging to the Sept of the Renewed Struggle. It is a troubling dream that replays over and over. A massive boar trundles out to challenge a powerful stag and a great, gray-furred wolf. The battle is fierce and bloody, and the combatants wear each other down, but always the boar must in the end retreat, unable to match itself against the combined might of its two rivals.

The scene changes subtly every time. Sometimes it is played out on mountain sides, in forest clearings, in deep jungle. The precise form of each powerful beast changes a little in each vision as well. The boar and stag change the most, to cover several species, while the wolf changes the least from dream to dream. As the moon begins to wax full, these dreams will become more prevalent, more common, haunting the Garou of the Sept.

Those who sleep in the bawn or caern have the most potent dreams, and sometimes wake up covered in the wounds of battle, wounds which soon melt away, leaving only the memory of their existence and a dull ache.

Members of the Fianna and Get of Fenris, or those who have followed Boar in the past, can gain these sympathetic wounds no matter where they rest, though they are worse if it is near the caern.

Eco-Terrorism or Natural Disaster?
Posted by Galileos Lens on Saturday 20 June 2015 - 02:19:32
In an event that still has officials stunned, the Rindge Dam on Malibu Creek has been found destroyed after strange tremors were reported late Wednesday night.

Completed in 1924, with its spillway finished by 1926, the hundred-foot-tall dam stood across Malibu Creek, some three miles inland along its course. It swiftly filled up with sediment, and the 600 acres behind the dam have been clogged with sediment since the early 50s. The dam is actually two walls built around a natural rock monolith, meeting only at the top, or was.

Two Malibu Creek State Park rangers and a Malibu police officer went up to the dam on Monday to investigate recent unusual rises in the levels of Malibu Creek. They discovered that the reservoir behind the dam was severely drained, down by over three-quarters, and that the area before the dam was virtually dry; they failed to determine where the water was going at that time, leaving to gather a more substantial party to examine the situation.

Before this could be done, tremors were felt late Wednesday evening and a great noise was heard from the direction of the dam. Motorists on Malibu Canyon Road, which passes south of the dam, reported seeing a cloud of silt and dust in the air. Investigations since have revealed that the dam has crumbled, save for small portions of the walls, chunks of concrete and steel tumbled down into the stream bed, and the acres of silt have been somehow displaced to either side, where the newly-unleashed Malibu Creek can gradually erode it, especially as rains come to the area. This event has proven to be a great mystery to officials, some of whom claim that this could only be the work of Eco-terrorists, though an explanation does not yet exist for how the water was safely drained away or how the dam was destroyed without any apparent sign of explosive devices. Competing theories concerning sinkholes and underground rivers have been offered, but thus far experts are still looking into the matter.

In related news, a claim has been made by a group of UCLA students that they were stopped from approaching the dam last Tuesday by a man and woman claiming to be rangers. Malibu Creek State Park denies having any personnel in that area at the time, though the area has seen increased policing due to the number of incidents of people leaping off the dam into the waters below, either to take pictures or video.

The dam has long come under criticism for its role in blocking access by steelhead trout to the upper Malibu Creek watershed, limiting them to the lower three miles.

A Damn Shame
Posted by Galileos Lens on Tuesday 12 May 2015 - 15:42:40
All Garou are told about Ronin, but they are rarely talk about them. That is because Ronin are by nature shunned, a taboo subject not to be discussed except in cautionary tales. Therefore, when word gets around that a shame of ronin has been sighted headed in the general direction of the Sept, many will have to ask what that even means.

They will be told of the recent rise in ronin 'packs' in the southwest, mostly around Arizona and New Mexico, sometimes roaming as far as Texas and the rocky mountain states. Garou refer to these as 'shames', as in 'a shame of ronin.' Those more in the know might overhear that the ronin themselves call these 'prides', perhaps to stand in contrast to how the tribes view them. The emergence of these shames is a relatively recent event, occurring in the past 20 to 25 years. To date they've largely avoided Sept lands, but recently skirted the allied Sept of the Blazing Thorns in Death Valley; the Uktena-Red Talon Sept sent a messenger to warn the Elders in the Sept of the Renewed Struggle of their presence in the region.

Are Werebeasts Among Us?
Posted by Galileos Lens on Monday 04 May 2015 - 22:28:04
*The most recent edition of the Guardian Angel, LA's finest tabloid hits the stands today! There are a few articles on the front page. Obama's face edited to look like a lizard man. "What The White House Isn't Telling Us." Page 4. A picture of an ant the size of the Empire State Building. "Will Giant Ants Invade Our City Next?" Page 9. But the main attraction fills up most of the page. And the headline is in all capital letters, complete with a faded distanced picture of what looks like a wolf-man from a movie still. 5/02/2105*


Late two weeks ago, in the heart of our own beloved city, roars were heard all over the city by multiple sources. So why are the police saying nothing happened?

R. Jonsen

In the heart of the city, right outside of a row of warehouses, deep in the heart of our City of Angels, a loud roar deafened many of its local residents, homeowners and homeless alike. No one could explain the strange event, and no one claimed it was a mystery. Before too long, the streets were cleared out, and the event was taken away from our lives. But this wasn't the first event we've seen like this.

"Yeah, I seen it," one local, who asked to remain anonymous, said. "Big stray dogs that don't look like any stray dogs I've seen running in and out of the warehouses." When asked to describe these 'dogs', the source went on to describe them as large, wolfish creatures, larger than any dog found around here. When explored, the area, too, was clear of stray cats, and all wildlife, oddly enough. Too industrial of an area, some might say, for them to survive - or perhaps they were being eaten by creatures of the night? The source went on to say he felt a chill of terror when he saw such creatures go past, as if instincts told him to run. A feral creature indeed.

One might wonder if it had anything to do with the flood of rats that escaped from the sewers one night, that I reported on earlier in the year that never came to fruition. The police officers on for that night declined to comment. But why, one might ask? What things are they terrified of that the news refuses to report on, and this reporter is brave enough to bring forth the light to?

Could it be that the police are in the hands of the loup-garou themselves?

*There is another picture, clearly photoshopped, of a police officer in full riot gear standing guard of a movie still from the most recent Underworld movie.*

Of course, nothing can be proven, but for our city's sake, for our people's sake, we must remain vigilant for these creatures that invade our lives, that work their way into every orifice of our entire system, acting like they belong. What is next? Will our country be run by lycanthropes before 2016? Sources say... *continued on Page 14*
[Submitted by fangwulf]

Upcoming Trial and Court, Sunday May 10th
Posted by Tony on Monday 04 May 2015 - 13:40:52
Finally got the Succubus Club wrapped up and it looks like we're going to need to hold a trial for the aftermath and final thoughts. This is also a chance to get your characters out to the Elysium to meet the NPC's and get involved.

Going to try to run this next Sunday, May 10th and see what shakes out from there.

Fire in the sky
Posted by The Rusty on Sunday 03 May 2015 - 01:21:52
As Beltaine night opened, a new light joined the chimerical heavens; a comet hangs in the night sky, resembling a golden star wreathed in a green nimbus. Reactions have been varied to this new heavenly sight.

These are the ongoing effects of the comet (which currently shows no signs of leaving the sky)

If your character is Seelie: The curious light seems almost warm, a manifestation of the dreaming itself shining in the sky. The burden of the world somehow seems a little lighter, magic a little more free... (The next time you would gain glamour, gain 1 extra point; your next Reverie or Rapture attmpt is also at -1 difficulty)

If your character is Unseelie: As you look up to the comet in the sky, an odd sense of unease, as if being watched by stern eyes settles over you. (any roll to mislead, lie, or otherwise behave in a duplicitous manner in a social scenario is at +1 difficulty; this includes Cantrip rolls.)

If your character is a Nunnehi: Get in touch with me!

For everyone else... well, it's a very pretty comet!

A Poster at Annabel's
Posted by Galileos Lens on Saturday 18 April 2015 - 21:08:09

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